does the 5:2 diet really work?

Question by ☮WeAreInfinite☮: does the 5:2 diet really work?
i’ve read a little bit about the 5:2 diet. basically, you eat normally 5 days out of the week, and the other 2 you restrict yourself to 1/4 of your normal calorie intake (so 500 for girls and 600 for boys). everything i’ve read said that it works. i’m interested in trying it, but i was wondering if others have seen good results with this diet.

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Answer by sheloves_dablues
Think about it.. if every diet worked, don’t you think we’d all be skinny???

The only tried and true method of weight loss is to eat less and exercise more.

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  1. KIRKUK says:

    i used to do the other way …eating just protein and fat for 5 days then refeeding on clean complex carbs (oats in water with whey protein for 2 days straight …it worked extremely well …its called a CKD (Cyclical Ketogenic Diet)
    repeating this schedule and working out…. lifting heavy …boxing…cardio …each week …

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